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Philanthropy Program

Each year we partner with 6 locally nonprofits, bettering our community through children, families, and food. Every Monday, a portion of your meal goes towards our Community Partner. Eat Good Do Good Join Us. This month we’ve partnered with: 

Community Grows

Community Grows' mission is to cultivate healthy youth through growing gardens in low-income, diverse communities.

Community Grows furthers the health and education of low-income children in San Francisco through its many programs. First, its year-round garden classes teaches youth between the ages of 5 and 11 to grow their own food and helps them learn about environmental cycles. Second, Community Grows has weekly after-school cooking classes where children use food grown in community gardens to cook nutritious and fresh meals. During these classes, Community Grows' staff encourages the children to adopt healthy eating and lifestyle habits and discusses where food grows. Third, Community Grows operates a paid internship program for high school students that develops job readiness, life skills, and environmental education. Community Grows provides its interns with an intensive experience in hands-on garden and nutrition education in order to help them make positive choices in their life and community, acquire skills to prepare them for the workforce, and develop supportive relationships with peers.

Apply Here to be a future partner!