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Philanthropy Program

Each year we partner with 6 local nonprofits, bettering our community through children, families, and food. Every Monday, a portion of your meal goes towards our Community Partner. Eat Good Do Good Join Us. 

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This month we’ve partnered with: 

Kitchen Table Advisors envisions a new generation of thriving small-scale, sustainable farms that produce healthy food and form the foundation of regional food systems. Our work fuels the economic viability of sustainable small farms and ranches through practical business advising and trusted relationships. We work with 60 farms and ranches across Northern California, with an emphasis on serving people of color and women.

In Oakland we are partnered with:

Acta Non Verba: Youth Urban Farm Project (ANV) elevates life in Oakland and beyond by challenging oppressive dynamics and environments through urban farming. Founded and led mainly by women of color, ANV creates a safe and creative outdoor space for children, youth, and families in East Oakland, CA. ANV engages and strengthens young people’s understanding of nutrition, food production, and the natural environment as well as strengthens their ties to the larger community.